Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fieri in the French Quarter?

Yeah, no....this was another of my posse (yeah, you like the way I say "my" posse - I was lucky they let me join "their" posse!) who is actually bald, but doesn't he rock the Guy Fieri hair!

And that's actually the homemade shirt I was referring to - not the white collared one, Robbie. I'm saving that for Betzina in May.

Also note I'm drinking water - gotta keep your wits about you with all the unsavory characters around. I had a picture with a guy dressed as an Indian, but the expression on his face was too disgusting to publish. I actually think it was divine intervention that my Internet went down as I was uploading photos - made me rethink that one.

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Junior said...

love the shirt!