Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Funny Story from Mardi Gras

So Friday in the French Quarter we were hanging out and I was talking to one of my husband's childhood friends who was at our wedding. He said, "You know, you are a very attractive woman." (I attributed this to the beverage, but doesn't it do you good to hear that sometimes? And it was said in a purely platonic way.) So the next night at the big parade and party, he and I are sitting together, and a 20-something-year-old girl walked by in the most gorgeous dress. I had already spotted it but didn't get a photo - it was green with tiny leaves embroidered on the back like a vine. I told her that I thought she had the prettiest dress there, and she just smiled like I made her day.

When she walked off, our friend said, "Do you know how happy you just made her?" Then he proceeded to tell me that he knows how much women like to hear things like that, so he has made it his mission to pick out a random woman every day and tell her how attractive she is....DOH!

We all had a BIG laugh over that slip, and he was very embarrassed. Later that night somebody called my cell phone and he was in the background yelling, "Tell her she's attractive!"


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

lol..some men are so funny :)))

Robbie said...

So, ok, he is probably motivated by extreme pity or attraction.... I vote for attraction.

Sister said...

Sweet that a man would make it his mission to do something nice for women, no matter how odd!