Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sticking with it...

I have now attended 3, yes 3, Pilates classes at the YMCA! And I walked on the treadmill for 1.7 miles another day, so the exercise resolution is holding in this second week of January. My whole body is sore, including my platysma (ooh, you'll have to look that one up!), so I must be doing something right. Okay, just wanted to gloat a little bit there.

And don't you love it when your 14-yr-old son says, "I was bored yesterday, so I looked up Einstein's Theory of Relativity," then proceeds to explain it to you. (It involved light and space - no wait, it was time - bending due to gravity...frankly, I don't get it.) Such a delightful conversation compared to the merits of Global Agenda vs. Halo.

Oh, and my mom's Riccar Serger has been de-rusted after something like 15 years in the closet. It was in the shop all week "soaking" after it "froze up" on the repairman. He kindly asked me not to let that happen again because it was such a fine machine. I pick it up tomorrow and then hope to take a class later this month on how to actually use it. Woohoo!! Now, where will I put it?


sewistafashionista said...

Good for you on your exercise class. I've gotten out of routine lately, and it is a struggle to get back into the groove. I would love to have a new serger, even a new-to-me serger. Hope all works out will with the Riccar.

gwensews said...

I was disappointed in the word. Thought it was a new term for "butt" and instead it turns out to be neck. Sigh. Enjoy that serger!