Friday, January 28, 2011

Fleece and Holographic Knits

So here's the total package - Lucas actually slept in this last night! Note the pockets he insisted on, which were slapped on and included in the elastic casing - yikes! He could care less about the gathered neckline, but this will NOT be going to anyone's house for a spend-the-night! Oh, and he's now asked for zippers to connect the top and bottom, and when I told him that was impossible he asked if buttons would work. So apparently I've got to put buttonholes in the shirt now. Weird kid...uh, I mean, so creative!

And here's the muslin of my Mardi Gras dress - I did a short knit thinking I could sleep in it, but not with that cowl neck hanging open! Forgive the frowny face - I had seen the previous shot and was dismayed at the hippage.

Obviously I need to loosen the side seams at the hips and do a swayback adjustment - never done that before, and this is one piece, so I bet it involves cutting out a wedge or to research this later!

And what to do about a cowl? I love cowl neck stuff, but they're so awful to wear when you have to bend over. Here it's not draping at all - the fabric's not very drapey, so I'll have to make sure the real stuff drapes better than this.

And here is what I get when I tuck it down myself. I'll have to tape it to my bra I guess, to keep it from flipping open. Any suggestions?

And this is what I found yesterday at Gorgeous Fabrics. It's a polyester knit jersey with square holographic "sequins." (Now when they put sequins in quotations like that, what exactly does that mean? I don't see anything sequiney looking thing in the picture.) What do you think? I almost bought it on the spot yesterday, but at $14/yard I wanted to think about it for a minute. I like it better than the other swatch I ordered, which isn't here yet, and I don't think I have time to wait for another swatch to arrive.

I was sort of thinking I could use a gift card to Hancock's (if they ever decide to award the prize, that is) to buy the crushed panne fabric, but after seeing the muslin pics I'm thinking that I need a print to break up the hippiness. I also thought about trying the keyhole bodice since there's no cowl to worry about. I may whip that up today, since the first one took a total of one hour to do. Off to the machine!


Junior said...

Love the pose on Lucas!

Sister said...

He was really sitting like that till he saw me taking his picture, then he put his hand in his pocket. Maybe he'll work for Calvin Klein...

Junior said...

Reminds me of the kids posing in the Sears Wishbook but you're right....I see a future for him with CK!