Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Knew This Would Happen

Yep, I figured I was finally done with this pattern after my fourth fleece jacket, but just as I thought, Lucas has requested one. He just couldn't stand it when Drew wore his jacket through dinner. (Do you know how hard it is to type a blog while your 14-year-old is telling you how Euclides hypothesized about atoms and quizzing you about mass and energy, and telling you how you can't surpass the speed of light because you gain mass as you accelerate? I did have the wherewithal to make a joke: "But I thought they said a rolling stone gathers no mass." Bahahahaha!)

So Drew was between a small and medium, and I wanted him to wear this jacket a long time and went with the medium, which is too large in the shoulders. Oh well, his nice storebought jacket fits like this too. I have no complaints.

I just wish I hadn't used the oldest elastic in my drawer which doesn't recoil, so I may have to redo the sleeves and make them tighter. They apparently are supposed to be really long since the model on the envelope looks exactly the same.

He wanted me to embroider "Derpification" on it, but my machine is not so good at text.

And this was just a cool picture of Lucas in a tree with a tiny dog under him.

OH, I called Hancock yesterday and said I entered a jacket in the contest - when were they going to give the results. The girl said they're picking winners (note the plural) Monday and will notify people then, and by the way it's a beautiful jacket. Now does that mean it's the only entry if she knew it was mine, or just the only jacket? I'm really sweating this - I thought it was a sure thing if I was the only entrant, but that plural threw me.

And on the Betzina front, because I know you're worried about prices of plane tickets going up, May 4th is a "sit and sew" pretty much all day, and May 5 there are 2 lectures from 9-12 and 6-9 on her new book. Price hasn't been determined yet.

Okay, if anybody else entered the fleece contest, let me know how it's going for you, and if anybody has recommendations for Mardi Gras dress patterns, let me know those too. Off to have some family time!


Pammie said...

Another great jacket!! You are just killing it! And, good luck in your contest!

Kitschy Coo said...

Looks great! How about a freezer paper stencil for the Derpification? That'd be a lot of letters though...

gwensews said...

You're getting good at those fleece jackets, so surely, you will win the contest at Hancocks! Wow, how smart your kids are! Interesting dinner conversation!

Junior said...

Drew's jacket looks great! Loved the pic of Lucas & did y'all get him to shrink like that....ha ha!

Sister said...

Yes, Pammie, I killed it and now I'm beating it (like a dead horse, get it? ooh, it's just a figure of speech, people) - when will it stop?!

Kitschy - I've seen you talk about that, but I'm not so crafty so I'll have to look it up on your blog. I'd probably ruin it...

Gwen - it's really more of a painful dinner conversation, to be honest.

Junior - I feel so guilty about your jacket with glue - sorry you had to be the first! And thanks for directing me to this jacket - you started the whole thing. (Deja vu - "Tracey started it!")