Saturday, January 15, 2011

Electric Blankets, Collar Stands, and Mardi Gras Dresses

So first off, who remembers electric blankets, and do they still make them? We had them, and I remember how I'd wake up in the middle of the night with my legs burning, so they were sort of scary. I bet people up north still use them, or maybe they went the way of everything else - too unsafe for the public and now regulated out of existence.

My next garment will be Drew's fleece jacket (he wants me to sew "DERPIFICATION" on the right overlay...this has replaced "FAIL" as the term to use when something goes wrong - wait a minute, he's not referring to my sewing is he?), then MIL's pants, then maybe I'll have time for that buttoned shirt with collar stand I've been researching. Or it may be time to consider the Mardi Gras dress, though I haven't settled on a pattern yet.

Here are the possible shirts patterns:
I'm liking the Vogue Betzina shirt because of the collar application, but I'll have to taper it because I want it to be more fitted.

This one was noted to have princess seams that are too far forward, but someone commented that this was actually better for less-endowed women (We HAVE a winner!). I just don't like the puffy sleeves.

And this one looks great, but I'd want a shorter length - not a tunic.

And when I was in Hancock the other day entering my fleece jacket in their contest, I spotted these 2 possibilities for a Mardi Gras dress.

Purple is supposed to be a good color this year, and the local columnist mentioned "bejeweled" dresses were hot, so I thought the sparkly one could be fun. Wonder what kind of needle to use with this?

And this "crushed panne velour" if I remember correctly, looked luxurious in the store, but less so in the picture. (Do you think anyone will mistake me for their grandmother's couch and try to sit on me?)

And yes, mine was the ONLY entry in the Hancock contest as of Wednesday. It ends tonight at midnight, so if you have something fleece, run down there and enter long as you don't live in Mobile! RobbieK - the Hancock in Daphne is definitely closer to you, don't you think? I'm just trying to avoid competition, although Lucas actually said he was sorry no one else entered. When I asked him why, he said, "Well you won't feel very good if you won but you didn't beat anybody." Smart kid - I hadn't thought of that! (I was just thinking of that $100 gift card, frankly.)


gwensews said...

I remember electric blankets, and yes, they still do make them. I never) liked them. That sequin(ey)type fabric will probably cause some needle breakage, regardless of the needle used. I would try a ball point.

Alison said...

We have electric blankets in Australia. Of course it doesn't snow here (except in the ski areas) & most houses don't have central heating so an electric blankie is a must! Mine has 10 settings & a lambswool top. Very snuggly.

RobbieK said...

I'm definitely closer to the one in Daphne, but I didn't know about the contest. I would have entered my fleece socks, since that's about all I've made with fleece this year...I did make the grands hats and mittens, but they are in the 'Ham. Hope you win!!

I would start off with a stretch or ball point needle, because the sequin stuff is a knit? I made an evening gown for one of the girls out of some and as I recall, pressing requires some practice.

Amy said...

Forget electric blankets! Get thyself to a Bed, Bath and Beyond and buy yourself an electric mattress pad! Heaven.

Junior said...

I do like that purple velour (although it does remind me of the green covering on Memaw's couch) but I think it would be pretty as a gown.

Sister said...

Gwen - I'll definitely try a ball point and will probably avoid the sequiney fabric - I broke my 2nd needle of all time on my mom's fleece jacket 5 minutes before I finished it.
Alison - I think we had 3 settings: 1)is this thing on?, 2)ouch, that spot is hotter than everywhere else, and 3)call the fire department - the bed's on fire!
Robbie - that sequin one is 100% polyester and I don't see pressing it without melting it!
Amy - electric mattress pad?! Yummy - but don't you live in warm Louisiana???
Tracey - I was thinking of the very same couch - the shade of Carol Burnett's Scarlett dress!

Amy said...

Hah! Yes indeedy, I live in Louisiana, but when the temps drop below 60? There's heat blasting throughout the house!