Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oil and Butter

My mom and I hit Daphne Fabric and Lace the other day - an OLD store in a metal building that you'd drive right buy and never notice. They are famous for elastic and stuff to make panties....uh, underwear sounds better. They've even been reviewed on PR! On the back wall are WIDE rolls of fabric with most of it being knits and swimwear, though I'd be scared to pull one out because it looks like a place that rats would love. Did I mention that wall is all $2 a yard (maybe because you might need some penicillin or perhaps a rabies shot after reaching into the gloomy depths)? But in front of that I found this blue cotton that's like butter.

I don't know if you can tell how drapey this stuff is. It's linenish-looking, but the softest thing I've ever felt, and it was $2 a yard too, so I had to take 5 yards...I mean that's only $10! So I'm thinking of a shirt and pajamas. What else can I make...it's too thin for shorts or a skirt...any suggestions of what you've made with thin, buttery-soft material?

So the other thing to notice above is that I got my sister's lake shirt cut out and hopefully will sew it tonight. And that stack of madras fabric you can see at the top right is destined for shorts, since I think I found a decent pattern to try on PR. (I think I put it in my wishlist and was waiting to hit the 99 cent sale at Hancock...I can't quite remember..dang Mad Cow!)

Oh, the other thing is that Mobile now smells like oil to me. Other people have told me they smelled it, but today is the first day it's really hit me. Lucas said it was just gas in the parking lot, but we smelled it the whole way home with the windows down. Dadgummit! And did you hear they now are saying 1.75-2 MILLION gallons a day? WHAT??? !@#$*!!


Sheila said...

Pretty fabric and I am sure you can make a skirt with it and put in a lining.

gwensews said...

Or, fancy that fabric up with some lace and make a sexy coverup for that swimsuit you made.

Kelli said...

Love the fabric and will have to hit the Daphne fabric store next time I'm down there. I hear you on the oil - we're in Destin on vacay and the beach is CLOSED - stinks! So glad I found your blog!

Sister said...

Sorry about the beach, Kelli - that really stinks. Hope you're at least eating some good food and doing some good shopping at the outlet!

Sister said...

Oh, and thanks Sheila and Gwen - I may attempt a lined skirt, and I definitely will do a pareo (is that the fancy term for a swim coverup?).