Monday, June 7, 2010

Back From Vacation - yay.

Well, Lucas is off to camp tomorrow for 3 nights! First time in his life he's spent more than one night away from home. And he's only spent one night away from home once with someone other than family. He wanted to go to Camp Mac for 2 weeks, but I told him he was too young (7), and it was 4 hours away so we couldn't come get him quickly if he got which he replied, "Mom, I spent the night with GEORGE and didn't get homesick!" (What was I thinking?)

Then this camp near home came up, but none of his peeps were going, so I asked him if he was SURE he wanted to go if he didn't know anybody else which he replied, "Mom, it's called 'making friends.'" (Where did this kid get all this sarcasm?)

Anyway, I'm sad my machine was broken because I didn't get his other shorts finished, and now we have to go BUY pajamas for him. I made him some long flannel ones, but he's outgrown all the short ones. I feel like such a failure buying clothes! But I did borrow my mom's machine so I can get some stuff done this week hopefully. Let's see, there was Drew's T-shirt, Lucas's shorts, my sister's shirt, my SIL's shirt, and my 2 bathing suits to finish.

And a delightful thing was that my MIL saw Lucas's shorts during vacation last week and asked him where I bought them. I wasn't present at the time but Lucas said, "She even lifted up my shirt to see the belt loops!" So she asked Dean if I would consider making her a pair of pants if she buys the pattern and fabric! Pretty cool to have your MIL ask you to make something, even if it IS the most complicated thing with a need for several fittings...uh...well, IS this actually cool? Yes, it definitely is and her birthday is in August, so maybe I can get it done by then. (And maybe she'll just want some elasticized-waist pants with no pockets.)

So I better get moving. I DO have some hilarious pics from the Fort Pickens area of Pensacola Beach to show you tomorrow if I can get them off Dean's phone. We were stalked by a heron - it's priceless.

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