Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Now My Machine Has the Funk

Well pooh, I get all fired up and bring the machine to the beach to sew, and what does she do but lock up on me. It was a thick knit and I was putting the band on Drew's t-shirt when things went wonky. I've done everything I know, but she's bound for the shop. So I'll just cut out Lucas's shorts and read the Kwik-Sew books and call it productive. (Probably don't want to read those books on the beach - I might get funny looks - you saw the covers in that last post, right?)

And I can't upload pics out here but I'll tell you my 2 favorite scenes. The first was Monday afternoon - the boys had raised the flag at the dock (good to have Scouts around), and the ice cream boat (yes, a pontoon boat goes around the area selling ice cream - isn't the Gulf Coast awesome?) had stopped by. So the flag is flying, my kids are sitting on the swing eating ice cream, and Dean is in the water on a float. I call this "blessed."

My second favorite scene was this afternoon, when we got back from the library and the boys and I were sitting on the dock all reading books (now its been raining, so that's why you go to the library when you're at the beach). I was just so happy they weren't missing the tv.

So the broken machine is a disappointment, but how can I complain? Oh, uh, Drew just hooked a stingray off the dock. (And we're swimming in this water?) And that oil is rolling in tomorrow....nope, still not going to complain!


KID, MD said...

I'm sorry your machine is misbehaving, but it sounds like y'all are having a great time anyway! Enjoy!

Pammie said...

Well, I guess you're going to have to relax and sit in the sun:) Sorry about the machine - I just got mine back from a tune up and can't wait to use.