Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fail Shirt...Or Is It?

I had a little piece of white rib knit that wasn't really 60" wide and got cut about 8 inches too short when I bought it. It wasn't enough to make the shirt I wanted, so I decided to try my first Frankenpattern, mixing New Look 6470 and Jalie 2805 since I liked the first one's silhouette but didn't want to worry about the cowl showing my bra. I loved the Jalie V-neck but didn't like the tight sleeves. So here's where I traced the Jalie neckline onto the NL.

Yeah, well that back neckline didn't go so well. Here I have created a faux-hoodie! The fail shirt is born.

So my mom suggested a couple of little darts to gather it up - I tried it but there was so much material the darts ended up too deep. So today I decided there was nothing to lose, and I took the band off the back, cut an inch out of that and sewed it back together, then trimmed an inch off the whole back neckline which was stretched out of shape, and resewed the band on with some clear elastic topping it off. Voila!

Now I also stretched the armholes out when I folded and topstitched them, but who cares - this is the fail shirt. And the hem was getting wavy, so I checked my Kwik Sew book (new from Amazon with the swimsuit book!) and found that if I used an even shorter stitch I could get some extreme waviness which actually is decorative!

So in the end, I decided this shirt does NOT suck, and I wore it to dinner tonight! Lucas and Dean both said, "Why are you so dressed up?" I know it was because I had the long black shorts and funky black sandals, but I like to think it was because of the frilly Fail Shirt.

Oh yeah, Drew got crafty with his leatherworking merit badge and put together some nice moccasins for himself ($14.99 kit at Hobby Lobby or Michael's). We will now look like hippies wearing our homemade clothes and moccasins. Peace out.


Pammie said...

Haha!! It does work actually - maybe you'll like it in a day or two more - your boys seem to - I like it myself!

Kitschy Coo said...

Not a fail! Looks good :)

gwensews said...

That's a NoFail shirt. Definitely. Problems=work it out, and you did! Good job!

sewistafashionista said...

I like the ruffle. Sometimes you do have to put things aside and see them with new eyes a few days later. Now that you have made that ruffle accidentally you will probably start seeing it on the department store floor.

KID, MD said...

Super save!! It turned out really cute!

Junior said...

the shirt turned out great and I love Drew's moccasins too! I'll wear mine at the lake and he and I can match!