Monday, June 7, 2010

Kevin the Heron

So did you see the animated movie Up? It's about an old man and a boy in a house that floats away with balloons. They are pestered by a giant bird that the kid names Kevin. Well, we met Kevin at the beach Sunday. We noticed him near a bush while we were walking on the beach, but as soon as the cast net made an appearance, Kevin turned into a stalker.

Of course, when a giant bird is following you around, you can stage some pretty funny pictures. Uh, Lucas, you have a bird in your hair.

A heron in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.

Of course, he just really wanted some fish. (Hey lady, make 'em hand over the fish or I'm eatin' the little one.)

Isn't he just beautiful? The best picture would've been when he first snuck up behind Dean, who was cast-netting. Dean turned around and here's this heron standing straight up at full height just staring back at him. Priceless. Too bad the camera phone was on the boat.

And here's a little video where the kids threw him all the fish they caught. He was mighty appreciative, and even looked a little misty-eyed when we left. Nice to meet you, Kevin! Stay away from tar balls! (This is on the sound side of Pensacola Beach, so I hope he'll be safe.)


Kitschy Coo said...

I had no idea you could have so much fun with a heron! Now I need one.

KID, MD said...

Oh, my kids love that movie... That is too fun!