Friday, July 31, 2009

Do You Hear That Ripping Sound?

It's my heart being ripped out of my chest. Now I'll cry at a good sappy commercial, but I wasn't upset that Lucas's school didn't allow parents to walk in their first-graders. I did that with Drew and took a couple of pictures and then was amazed at how long the parents wasted the teacher's time by not leaving. So last year Lucas was given a kiss in the car and told to get out!

But today he just left for his first spend-the-night with a friend. And it's all the way across the bay (a 30-minute drive). And I almost cried when he rode off with his friend's dad. Just the two of them - what will they talk about? He's in the center back seat - that's the one that catapults you through the windshield - what's that dad thinking??? What, no booster seat??? The roads are wet, it's been storming horribly, and they have to cross the Bayway - is he a good driver? RRRRRRRRRiiiiipppp!

Before he left we had a talk about appropriate comments if dinner consists of, say, okra:
M: What if she asks why you're not eating it?
L: I'll say I'm not vewwy hungwy.
M: What do you say when you leave the table?
L: Thank you for dinner.
M: Now if she says, "we're having waffles for breakfast," you will NOT say, "aw, I like pancakes better." (as was said to me one time)
L: But Mom, I DO love waffles better anyway!
M: And you will not walk around in your underwear in front of anyone.
L: But when we changed for PE at school we all had to change together and we even had to take off our undahweah!!! (Now I may have to look into that one...)

Anyway, it hurt, but I'm sure he'll have fun with his best buddy. And, hey, doesn't that mean I can sew tonight instead of watching Coraline?


Junior said...

So how did the sleepover end up going? I hope he had a wonderful time! Did you end up sewing or watching Coraline? There's a sewing theme in Coraline ya know!

Sister said...

It went fine - no middle of the night phone calls to come get him. When I asked how it was he said his friend was very "fussy." And that when they watched a movie his friend demanded to know what was coming next, and when nobody told him he started crying and yelling and went and slammed his bedroom door 5 times! They had to go to bed shortly after that - hee hee! Other than that....