Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sew What?

So what's that new thing on the left? Just the craziest, nerdiest thing and it's so awesome! I found a website for sewing nuts where you can browse patterns and read reviews complete with pictures of the finished product. There are thousands of women reviewing patterns and putting up pictures of their stuff. Fabulous! RIGHT NOW, there are 163 sewing enthusiasts on that site looking for patterns, machines, etc. You can buy fabric, read about machines, etc. They have online classes that you can download, contests, etc. SEWING HEAVEN!!! So nobody had reviewed the pattern I made, thus my review. And the chick who came up with it realized all us homebodies had our own blogs and might want to link the two - clever!

Okay, I know, nobody cares about sewing, but let me tell you the pink shirt I made cost $10 and tomorrow I'm finishing Lucas's pajama pants which will be posted up here too. And when Obamacare passes I'll be ready for the darkness that will descend upon us. If only I could get that garden planted.....

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