Monday, August 3, 2009

The Birthday PartyThat Almost Wasn't

My brother had a birthday party on July 4th, one time, which is his actual birthday, but for some reason it was thought to be a great idea to do the party that day too. I remember sitting on the front porch with him waiting for guests, then realizing after about 30 minutes that no one was coming. I then went and sat with him on the back porch while he cried. (Luckily his 18th birthday party went much better - look out now!)

That almost happened to us with Lucas's birthday. Sunday, August 2nd, is a bad day for a party when school starts 2 weeks later. Most people were out of town. But can I say that out of 14 invitations we got 6 RSVP's? Less than half the people responded, s'il vous plait! So on the way to the party we had one confirmed guest! That is why there is no one in the pictures except my children.

Now we did end up with 4 actual guests, plus 2 siblings, so luckily there were people besides his parents to sing Happy Birthday to him. But you can see how big the place is, and we only used one tiny section of a table. Plus look how homemade Patrick looks. This is the first time I've actually been embarrassed by my homemade cake. (It's a cookie cake - squeeze a tube of dough onto a pan and spread it out with your hands. You're done.) I did have to sketch Patrick then cut out a stencil to use with the edible spray paint, but it just looks pitiful. Dean actually complimented it and said it looked great (he told this to Lucas), despite declaring my art skills on the level of a 5th grader earlier.

So take a note - summer birthday parties SUCK. On the bright side, he doesn't have many thank-you notes to write!


Jester said...

I don't remember crying on the back porch....I also don't remember waiting on the front porch...ahh, the sweet smell of senility! I do remember the gift that Scott Collins sent was a 'Peanuts' trash can, which is currently in my laundry room (35 years later, approx.)

Junior said...

I remember that Peanuts trash can! Well, I think that Patrick birthday cookie looks really good!

Sister said...

I remember Momma either made me come sit with you or made me leave you alone because you were crying. Probably sent me out to be a scapegoat for your anger and sadness....always the punching bag!