Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Newest Thing!

So who knows about geocaching? We do now - it's become an obsession. We spent a weekend in Auburn with "GeoJester65" and "Funkygirl" who taught us all about it. We came right home and found our first cache right around the corner. I mean, look at all the loot in that thing! Of course, you only take one thing if you leave one thing of equal value. And then there are microcaches which are tiny metal pill containers dangling from tree limbs, poles, etc. So fun!

So now I realize that the couple with the baby wandering around the empty lot down the road last year were actually NOT homeless drug addicts looking for the next hit, but geocachers who got interrupted and tried not to give up the location to the "muggles." I myself am probably mistaken for a vagrant, especially when the boys and I are wandering aimlessly behind businesses poking at rocks and bushes and looking over our shoulders. So far the police have not been called, but just give it a little time...

P.S. Go to www.Geocaching.com to check it out - it's free but you need a GPS or you can download an app to your phone ($9.99).


Junior said...

When were y'all in Auburn? So everybody got together? Wish I would've known.

Sister said...

We joined Mimi for her lake adventure the weekend the boys got out - 5/22. Then Jester was handing off Kaye, so they stayed a night too. It was just going to be me and Lucas (Dean on call and Drew on camping trip), but it turned into a full-fledged thing. It rained the whole time - the boat was the best 15 minutes of the whole weekend. So do y'all have a GPS?