Thursday, June 11, 2009

Serious Baby Questions - I Mean Really Serious

Another wonderful baby conversation in the car with the boys. I have no recollection how it started. If the Mad Cow lets up a little I'll add it in later:

Lucas (6): Mom, can babies ever die on the day they're born?
Mom (41): Yeah, they can.
Drew (12): Of course. Babies can die BEFORE they're born. (the tone here is DUH!)
L: How does that happen?
D: Lots of things: not enough to eat, too much alcohol...
L: Are you ALWAYS asleep when the baby comes out?
D: What??? You're NEVER asleep when the baby comes out!
M: Yes, SOMEtimes they have to put you to sleep.
L: When?
M: Well, if they have to (do I say it? what else can I say?) cut the baby out of your stomach really fast.
L: I thought they ALWAYS cut the baby out of your stomach. (No, that's not the usual way.) So why would they have to do it really fast?
D: Like I said, if the baby's sick because of too much alcohol or not enough food!
Who taught him this stuff?

The next day Lucas asked if my belly button flipped inside out as he got bigger, and also if Drew was in there at the same time as he was. Other questions have included why boobs don't go away after the baby's grown up (oh, sweetheart, they may not go away, but they sure get closer to the ground!).


BB said...

This is like a little glimpse into my future. Since my boys are 9 and 4, I probably need to come up with some answers. Can I just have them email you? You are a doctor and all and I have no professional medical training and should probably not be answering these type of questions. (It was worth a shot!)

Sister said...

I'll be happy to...that'll be $95 for an email consultation. My truly best work happened when Drew was about 6 and asked me what sex meant. I said, "whether you're a girl or a boy." Well-played, if I do say so myself!!!! (that's what all that medical trainin' will get ya')