Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Final Thoughts

Amy, I agree with you about the screaming. What really bugs me about it is the way he sticks his tongue out when he does it. The notes are beautiful, always perfect, but why does the tongue have to come out of the mouth? Now, I said always perfect, but that awful song that Kara cowrote sounded really off. I thought Kris sounded a little off on that one too, so maybe she wrote the wrong notes - HA! There was too much up and down and all over the place with it.

Yes, Mad World is the most beautiful song - we googled it and found a version where the guy made a video with school kids forming pictures shot from the roof of a school. I thought Kris's first 2 songs were fantastic. I beg to differ with Simon on the 2nd one - I thought he totally made that his own with new chords and there were strings in the background that made it fancier.

And for the first time, I didn't vote because I think both of them are fantastic. In other news, did anyone watch Glee? I guess that's taking the time slot - it was HI-larious! The cheerleader coach is the best.

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Amy said...

Ha! I totally agree on the tongue thing. It kind of grosses me out. But he's still good. And also agree on the Kara song. It was terrible! And I think Simon thought it was terrible. Neither one of them sang it well and I can't believe that was the last song we got to hear from both of them. And they'll probably make the winner put it out as their "first" single. So maybe it wouldn't be so great to win! I tivo'd Glee but haven't watched it yet. The previews looked great.