Sunday, March 1, 2009

Back from Disney

We're back from a very tiring week at Disney/Universal. Very fun and nicely planned out with the help of Tour Guide Mike ( Couple of comments on Disney: Why is Epcot so spread out? And why, with the Fastpass, do you still have to wait at least 30 minutes to get on Soarin'? TestTrack was everybody's favorite of all the Disney parks, though Universal won for best park overall. And the safari at Animal Kingdom came in 2nd place for Disney - pictures to be posted soon.

Now Everest was pretty cool, but the boys do NOT like going backwards. It was okay for me, but the best roller coaster of the trip was the Mummy ride - again, at Universal! You HAVE to ride that thing! But only if a room catching on fire over your head does not scare you. And only if a very realistic flesh-less man with muscles exposed, dripping blood, and looking burned-up and flayed open doesn't make you sick. And only if being in pitch-blackness not seeing that you're dropping and turning and going backwards and maybe upside down even (?) doesn't upset your stomach. And only if you're not prone to panic attacks, claustrophobia, motion sickness, or explosive diarrhea.

Speaking of explosive diarrhea, we were leaving our lunch at Crystal Palace (who knew the kids liked seeing characters so much?) when we had to wait for a man squatting and wiping what I assumed to be chocolate cake off the floor. Then he took a few more steps and squatted again to wipe up more cake. Then I see his toddler whom his wife is in charge of, and I think, "Why would they let that little kid carry his own chocolate cake - of course he'll drop it." Then I'm wondering how did he drop it all over the lobby. Then I notice the wife is now wiping the child's leg, and I realize it isn't chocolate cake at all!!! AAAARRRGGGHHH!! All castmembers on deck! Code Brown! Code Brown! This is NOT a drill! Watch out Tigger! Heads up Piglet! Eeyore, stay away! Look out, Pooh! LOOK OUT.....POOH!


Junior said...

omigosh! I can't stop laughing!

BB said...

I think I will stay away from The Crystal Palace from now on...I just couldn't look at the chocolate cake the same! Too funny!

Lisaland said...

TGM??? You are a fan of Tour Guide Mike too? I love that guy! I've been a TGM fan since 2005~ I have been known to sign up for him without a trip to plan. If I could have a dream job it would be his...or Samantha Brown's.

Sorry about your experience at the Crystal Palace. Sometimes its' NOT the happiest place on earth.