Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making a Scene

Dang my new laptop with Vista! I wrote something and tried to post it last night but it got erased - didn't even save it! Or maybe dang Blogspot! Dang somebody! Well what was so important last night was that my favorite scene from a movie is Sally Field in Punchline (also starring John Goodman and Tom Hanks) where she rushes home with takeout food to throw on the table for her husband's boss's big dinner she's hosting. She and the kids rush into their pantyhose and dresses then throw all the food into bowls to look home-cooked, and she yells for the kid to go long when she throws the bread from the kitchen to the dining room. Then after dinner they find a shoe in the fish tank. (It was so funny last night when I was thinking about it.)

So yesterday I played the part of Sally Field after running home from the dentist with 1 hour to feed the kids and get to Scouts. (We did homework in the car and the dentist's waiting room; thanks for asking.) I threw tortellini and sauce on the stove (I love you Bertolli!) then ran to change clothes, then ran back to grab dishes and ran around the table setting it. It was actually fun pretending to be Sally, but nobody was around to yell "go long!" to; and it was sliced bread, not a loaf of French, so the aerodynamics wouldn't have been good anyway. And the kids got into the act with Lucas running in needing help tucking his Scout shirt into his pants, etc. I'll have to get that movie and show them the scene so they can appreciate the humor in it. Yes, there is always humor in stress, sometimes you just have to look REALLY hard.

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