Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flirtatious disappointment

Well, the Flirty Girl disappoints just a bit. The Chair Dance was a very nice routine with a chair. I didn't see how it was "exercise" except when you lie all the way back and then have to hike yourself back up to sitting. And maybe you're working on flexibility when you throw a leg over the chair back. And possibly when you stand up from the chair, leading with the pelvis. And definitely when you lift yourself sideways with your hand on the seat and your legs pointed out to the side - picture a tripod or something - and you sort of walk your feet back and forth while twisting at the hips. Are you gettin' this?

Dean just looked very surprised and dismayed (mostly dismayed) when I demonstrated it after one run-through. My 2 coworkers commented that it didn't really look like a workout, but I certainly was breathing hard afterwards....maybe because the chair at work is a ROLLING chair and nearly took my arms out of the sockets during the tripod maneuver.

And I did most of the Booty Beat video tonight. My conclusion is that these really are strippers trying to make a little extra money, because I can now do a corny version of a sexy striptease, but nothing was really feeling the burn like with Buns of Steel. I think the guy on that video may have been a stripper too; maybe I'll have to break out the legwarmers and go back to him. Ready, Tracey?

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Junior said...

Sure! Bring it on! I'm still doing Tamilee's Abs of Steel.