Friday, March 13, 2009

The Coupons are Here! The Coupons are Here!

We got a Target flier in the mail with lots of coupons - one was for $3 off any Lego toy over $20. We had just BEEN in Target and I let the the kids pick out a toy they could afford with their own money + $10 (so generous!). Lucas only had a few bucks and really wanted the Spongebob set which was $30 - too bad, so sad; hate it FOR ya!

Then the coupon came - a gift from God! I cut it out and gave it to Lucas and explained it was pretty much like $3. His face was incredulous. He said, "Weally? Who sent this to us? Why would they DO that? I can't wait to show Daddy when he gets home!"

He carried it with him all afternoon. It lay on the table next to his plate at dinner. After his shower he asked me if he could bring the coupon in the den to watch American Idol (we haven't figured out which planet Lucas hails from yet). He may not have calculated that by the time it expires, he still won't have saved enough allowance to buy Spongebob....

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Junior said...

That Lucas! He's a.....well, we know what he is. :)