Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Still Going!

Uh-oh - January 6th and I'm still exercising! What's happening???? I did 30 minutes on the treadmill tonight after Scout meetings - go girl! I have a new idea for a brief video...stay tuned. It'll be inspirational for anyone bored on the treadmill, complete with song recommendations (hint: Disturbia by Rhianna and Let It Rock by Jeff Somebody with Lil Wayne - who coulda thunk it?) and speeds to maximize your cardio. Gotta work on the sound aspect - let me think about this. Anybody else sticking with a resolution? Also one glass of wine a night is holding strong. (Holding it down to one glass, that is!)

Oh, see there - I made another joke that will appall my mother or my sister one - loosen up girls!

1 comment:

Junior said...

Yes, I did ab work yesterday as well as walking around the neighborhood and worked my arms with weights today...so far, so good. Used Tamilee's video, how 'bout you? Wish I still had my treadmill now! You go girl!