Monday, January 19, 2009

Of Waffles, Mimi, and Shower Curtains

Dean and Mr. Jim were both working tonight, so Mimi came over and the boys and I took her out for dinner. That sounds so warm and nice - you're thinking, what a great family! In reality, this was a trip to Waffle House where we sat in the smoking section to avoid the thugs in No-smoking. Luckily, there were no thugs in Smoking until we were paying the bill, at which time 3 20-something year old thugs took a booth next to us to light up.

These boys had big appetites - it was a waffle and chunked hashbrowns for both, plus sausage for Drew and bacon ($1's worth off the value menu!) for Lucas. Mimi got an omelet plus a full serving of bacon with hashbrowns, and I had my usual Texas patty melt plate - YUM!

Lucas listened to the waitress call out the orders to be sure she did it right, then gave us updates on what was getting put on the grill and in the waffle iron. He was the first to notice that his and Drew's waffles went to a lady who walked in later for takeout. But in all fairness, the hashbrowns and meat had come sort of as an appetizer, so delayed waffles were not a big deal. He ate every bite then asked Mimi if she was going to eat all her bacon, as he only got 2 strips when he usually gets 3 or 4. (Note to self - kids will notice that the $1 menu means less if they're used to ordering off the regular menu. Remember this at new restaurants!)

Anyway, it was a lovely meal which brought back memories of eating with my dad at Huddle House in Sylacauga - except the smell of cigarettes was FAR less tonight and the waitress didn't hang around joking with us or asking where Lightsey and Reams were. (My dad was the original Pick-up Artist without the fur coat and aviator goggles that Mystery wears on VH1 - that will deserve a blog of its own.)

Later when Mimi went home, Lucas was getting in the shower, so he poked his head out of the bathroom to tell her bye. I then proceeded to talk her head off at the door as usual, so when she actually drove away Lucas was out of the shower. He was sniffing when we got ready to read his book, and I asked what was wrong. He said, "I feel like such a loser. I thought Mimi was leaving, so I hung out in the shower and didn't twy to huwwy. But when I got out she was still here, but I didn't get to hug her before she left!!!" That last part was sobbed and my heart broke for him! I told him he would see her this weekend ("that's 7 whole days away") and snuggled extra long with him. To change the subject I asked him how he liked his new shower curtain (p.s. it's a clear shower liner, but he got to choose between the $7 white one and the $5 clear one - I do spoil my children!), and he said "it's good, but since it's new I was a little nuhvous." Huh? I only get nervous when the liner's NOT new and is covered in black and pink spots, but this kid's different!


Momma said...

Oh my, I'm so sorry that Lucas was upset. I left my Ipod charger cord that Drew gave me so I'll just have to come over to get it one day this week and give that little one a big hug!

Have watched the the new president sworn in, balanced bank statements, and packed up I'm ready for a glass of wine!

BB said...

I love the Waffle House story! I can now be thankful that ours is smoke free. Unfortunately, like yours, it is not thug free.

With regard to your question about Twilight. Yes, I would take a 12 year old to see Twilight. Of course, I let my 4 year old watch things like The Mummy and Pirates of the Caribbean so I might not be the best person to ask!

You don't have to worry about sex/language. It is more a love story (with some vampire action going on). I think it would keep his interest because it does have the vampire thing and all.

Junior said...

"Where's Lightsey and Reams?" Now that's a question I've not heard asked in quite some time....that brought back a lot of memories.

Lisaland said...

Lynn, so relieved to see you feed your kids a heart healthy diet from Waffle House. I'm feeling good knowing it's endorced by the AHA. You know I'm kidding! Lisa