Monday, October 27, 2008

Just a Quickie...

Before I forget, last night I was tucking Lucas in and he said, "I wish underwear had pockets." (Oh, Lucas, you and every other man on the planet!) Meanwhile, he was trying to figure out if that thing on the front WAS a pocket or not. It sufficed, as he got his whole hand in there, but it's probably not a good place to store soda pop-tops or coins and rocks you pick up off the ground. I guess he'll figure that out.

This picture was after he got his Bobcat badge last week, where they made the parents turn the kids upside down for the warpaint application, as expressly forbidden in the Tiger Cub handbook. I felt like I was participating in a college hazing after that....I nearly turned myself in. It looks like being upside down for a while had some kind of effect on his brain, doesn't it?

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