Wednesday, October 1, 2008

BOW's a-comin!

Oh boy, it's that time of year again - Becoming an Outdoor Woman. Wake the the neighbors! No, no, tell the kids to quit cryin' and close the curtains 'cause the neighbors have done called the po-lice! This is some kind of fun - just look at Elizabeth shootin' that gun with Huggin' Bear! He tells nothing but bad dumb blonde jokes at the campfire on Saturday nights, so we've begun boycotting that in favor of drinking....uh, I mean visiting with our fellow roommates over key lime pie martinis. This year there'll be karaoke in the cabin - wonder if we can charge admission? Maybe extort some money from the other cabins just to shut up and go to bed? Much more likely!

And looky-here - I'm a poster girl for the website. My proudest moment. Mother's too....I'm sure. She was just too choked up to tell me. I know, Mom, I know.

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Lisaland said...

I have thought about going to this before! So it was fun? My husband is like Bear from Man Vs. Wild so I know he'd be really thrilled if I learned to bait my own hook!