Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bowling Fun with Blonde Bombshells

We had an AWESOME weekend! Friday we met up with some old friends and their 2 daughters, the lovely Amy and Anna, who are 14 and 12. We had dinner with them first then drove separately to the bowling alley, and Lucas says in the car, "Those girls are just so pretty."

He was dancing non-stop at the bowling joint, despite it being 11 pm when we left. Could it have been wrong to let him have a root beer for dinner and that ice cream at 10 pm? Anyway, we also saw them Saturday, and when they left that afternoon a deep funk settled in. Lucas got tears in his eyes at dinner and said, "Do they ever eat at this restaurant?" Drew held himself together a little better, but he was obviously smitten, too. He said, "They're a lot older than I remember," with raised eyebrows.

Did I mention that Anna plays the electric guitar and Amy plays a bass, and they have their own amp? Hubba hubba!!!

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