Sunday, October 12, 2008

Purpose of a bra?

We were getting ready for Sunday School this morning and Lucas walked into my bathroom, where I had on my skirt and was picking out a shirt. He asked me what "those 2 white things were," (indicating my bra cups I guess, as nothing else that might be very pale was visible). I said "that's my bra."
He said, "What is that for anyway?"
I said, "You know, it's to hold your boobs."
He said, "But why do you need that? In case they're very long so they won't hang down like this and go boomba boomba boomba? Like that man we saw in Mimi's neighborhood who didn't have a shirt and his big belly was going boomba boomba boomba?"

Yes indeedy, to avoid the boomba boomba boomba; or in my case, the boomba boomba boomba.

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