Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween and Mounted Police!

No, there's no connection, just random pictures. I hadn't seen mounted policemen in a while and thought it was cool.

And here we are - it was the busiest Halloween so far, and only one kid cried (not because of me, of course).

And here is my finished neckline on the Alabama Chanin corset.

I did a wide herringbone stitch. What I should have done was tighten the front seams near the armhole first before I applied the binding, since that's a little loose. Full picture to come.


BeckyW said...

Love your costume!!! and your work on the Alabama Chanin top. Such a great job.

I've been doing the Fast-Track fitting course over at Craftsy.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thanks, Becky! I wondered how that class was - you're burning them up over there! How was the bust one?

Anonymous said...

Love the costumes! I made Aanakin and Ashoka (sp?) costumes, Princess Leah had hers from a previous year and I declined to make a Yoda costume for the baby. Then right before walking out the door, Aanakin had a meltdown, his costume was too hot, so he ended up wearing his football jersey (that he'd worn to school) and carrying a football. Works for me. Fun was had and I didn't have a single trick or treater.

I'm working on my interpretation of the rose shawl from book 1. Did you know that Alabama Chanin in Florence is open to the public? During the month of November, they have some local artists in as well. There is a small cafe in "The Factory" and at 3:30 they give a tour. They are open from 8 - 4:30. Think I"m going to get the kids to give me a day off and take a road trip.

How are you doin' Becky? Are you liking the Craftsy classes?


BeckyW said...

I've really liked both of the classes. I think they are both complementary, and have almost no overlap. I was thinking I might be wasting my money taking the second class, but it was totally different information.

The "adjust the bust" class basically deals with how to raise or lower (my problem) the bust point / darts on a pattern. She does both the standard bust dart and also the princess line. I'd never done that on a princess line before. She also goes into how to do a FBA, which I needed to learn to sew for my DD.

The "fast-track fitting" class is really cool in that she shows you how to take all these measurements of your body and then to apply them to a flat pattern. It is kind of cool to watch someone just hack into a pattern here and there an add tissue to make it fit. The only thing about that class was that it totally glossed over FBA adjustments completely.

My DD wanted to dress as a "creepy doll" for Halloween. I made her a pink polka dot "doll dress" using M5927's bodice and a gathered skirt and drafted a peter pan collar and puffy sleeves. The classes helped me get a really good fit on her bodice. I'm so excited to be able to do that. I have a huge t-shirt that I am going to cut down for her as my next quickie project. After that, I think I am going to finish working on some fitting muslin's for myself and maybe make over my sewing room mannequin. It is now covered with a duct tape double of my DD. She has gotten skinnier and now it does not fit her anyway.

I wish I could see photos of your costumes Robbie. They sound adorable.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Oh, now Robbie, you could send pics of your outfits and I could post them, or you could just email them to us privately. I have to have a pic of the shawl at some point! I got an email about a grand opening of Alabama Chanin's factory sometime this month. I'll be so jealous if you go - take pictures!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

You all look Great in your costumes!
Your neckline looks really good. You must be pleased...I know I would so enjoy doing this hand-stitching :)

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thanks, Ann - it's actually so relaxing it becomes addictive!