Saturday, November 16, 2013

Alabama Chanin Fitted Skirt - Done!

I am so proud that I cut this skirt out of 4 red T-shirts and packed it in my carry-on bag, started stitching it here the day we left, and finished it in St. Lucia while sitting on the beach.

I sewed a couple of hours for 2 days each, and wore it to dinner Wednesday and Thursday nights with different tops.

I found the foldable elastic Natalie Chanin recommends at Hancock, but they didn't have 1.5", so I used 1" instead. They also didn't have any solids, just wacky printed elastic, so mine is green and yellow, which looks weird with red thread zig-zagged over it, but nobody'll see it anyway - not even you! (I just realized I need some close-up pics - will get those tomorrow and then you can see the elastic.)

The knots were a little uncomfortable on my skin after a couple of hours, but that's how I found out I had a sunburn - doh!

I need to experiment with different tops, but I threw on my original AC top just to see - plus they coordinate! Close-up pics tomorrow...


Pam said...

Beautiful -- I love it and am jealous of your trip to St. Lucia! Yes, careful of the sun!

Anonymous said...

Love the skirt!


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thanks - I kept waiting for someone to come up at dinner and say,"Hey, isn't that the thing you've been working on in your beach chair...and now you're WEARing it?!". It only happened in my head. ;)