Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Candy Striping

I love knit stitches up close!

This is the second Nainai's Favorite dishcloth - these suckers are thick enough to be potholders, probably....but I'm not recommending you try that at home.

And this is the very cool Berroco cotton yarn my mom got me - look at that netting! I've never seen anything like it. It's going to be my second Yarn Girls shrug, since the first one lives in Japan now. Off-topic, I was checking the pattern book out of the library, and the librarian who had to help me find it (because I can't count, apparently) asked me how long I'd been knitting. She started 2 years ago and made lots of baby stuff, but the lady who was teaching her died. She's on Ravelry, but she didn't know she actually was a member once she signed up, so she didn't have a user name for me to look up. Resuming previous discussion...

BAM! Candy Stripes! This was on the clearance rack at Hancock a while back, and I can't pass up stripes on sale. This is the scoop neck T-shirt from the Sewing with Knits class.

This is a muslin, and the next one needs to be bigger in the armscye and chest, plus a swayback adjustment is in order.

Is this the worst-fitting pair of pants you've ever seen? And I paid money for them, so you see why I'll wear ill-fitting pants of my own making. I seriously need to give these away.

What do I love? The beautiful top-stitching with the triple stretch stitch, that I learned from Meg's Sewing with Knits class on Craftsy. I never knew I had this stitch - I thought the "triple stretch" was the same as the "lightning" stitch - totally not!

What do I hate? The bell-bottom sleeves I ended up with because my bands were SLIGHTLY larger than my sleeve, so I had to stretch it just a bit. They look like circus tents. Hey, wouldn't it be cool if you could do that to a skirt on purpose!

Seriously, I'm not wearing this shirt anywhere, so I'll probably serge off the sleeves and make it a sleeveless PJ top. Next up will be a V-neck version of the same shirt, in a more palatable fabric.


Pam said...

I actually really think the red striped shirt is fun! Especially for the beach and summer!

Great yarn - it's beautiful and sometimes a thick dishcloth is nice.

Great job, as usual!

Junior said...

Now I thought the red striped shirt was cute! But now that you said that about the sleeves looking like a circus tent I can't help but hear Holly singing "Come to the circus, the greatest show on earth...."

Anonymous said...

Just cut the bands off the sleeve and turn up a hem....The neckline looks especially nice!

Happy belated birthday


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thanks Pam - I guess I COULD wear it at the beach - it's so summery!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Now Jummy Stewart was the clown, but really a doctor who accidentally killed someone - remember that?! And wasn't Charlton Heston the head boss?

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thanks, Robbie!