Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Before the Rain Came

The kids got some good float action in. This would be before the boat batteries died, the Seadoo battery died, and the septic tank backed up into our bathroom due to excessive rain. Lake Martin 2013 shall be the Trip from Hell. Worse than the year we got locked out and Dean climbed a ladder propped on a patio table to reach a second floor sliding door that was unlocked....worse than the year the dishwasher got stopped up and prompted a plumber's visit....worse, even, than the year a storm knocked out our power, ripped a shingle from the roof, and repeatedly knocked Jim's boat into the dock and sea wall....yes, worse than that.

Because when the guy finishes vacuuming water and sewage from my bedroom, I'm joining the others at my mom's condo in Auburn. They can't pump out the septic tank till tomorrow, so we can't use any water. Elvis has left the lake.


BeckyW said...

That sounds awful!! Hope things pick up.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Things are looking up today, Becky. I went to an awesome yarn store in Opelika on the way back to the lake, the septic tank guys are updating the system as we speak, and a lady is sanitizing our rooms now. Beer in hand, and bathing suit on....now if the rain would quit!