Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What Did I Come in Here For?

Geez, that last post was supposed to be 2 funny stories, and I even started with "the first story." But then I got carried away and didn't have time to finish, and now I can't remember what the second story was. Aaaargh! I think it was something Lucas did. Who knows. Hey, here's a picture of cotton (sorry it's not bigger)!

Random, yes, but many of you people may not have seen a crop of cotton. I grew up near it and my dad pulled over one time and let us grab some (aiding and abetting, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, trespassing, theft, so much criminal activity). Anyway, I think it's so pretty and much more interesting than a crop of corn, for instance.

In other news, I attended my first class chat last week at PR. It says that your comment will be hidden from view until the teacher is ready to address it, but it just flies onto the screen, typos and all. It was fun, though, and I do think I've learned something. I don't KNOW for sure yet, though, because all I've done is thread trace my seams. Haven't even pulled the silk organza out of the bag yet. I missed the second chat last night, and the third one is Wednesday. Apparently these classes are aimed at women who don't work or have children in the Scouts!

Oh, and Paranormal Activity 3 was a hit. We had a great time, especially because the ticket seller asked me if the tickets were for me or not (odd), then I saw that lots of teenagers were getting carded and turned away. THEN there was an actual POLICEMAN at the door of the theater, and the ushers came in halfway through to raise a ruckus with some theater-goer. So exciting!


RobbieK said...

What class are you taking and what are you making? Gotta share!

I'm making a cocktail dress for DD#2 for an office function. Simp. 2281 a Cynthia Rowley pattern, I hate it. The pattern pieces don't match and the fabric suggestion was a dud. I just hope she likes it enough to wear it or is smart enough to pretend she did and not tell me.

marysews said...

Hey, I can tell you a short story about corn, which grows much higher than cotton. My grandparents lived in Indiana, and our family drove there once or twice in the last ten years of my grandparents' lives. The way my DH tells it, "She says turn left at the next road, and I'm wondering what road is she talking about and how does she know when to turn, the corn is so tall?!"

Sister said...

Robbie - it's the Clone a Garment class with Kenneth King and I'm just cloning an easy knit shirt, if I can get past step one! Sorry you hate the dress - it stinks to make something you're not enjoying.

Mary - corn is definitely tall! I assume you have corn maizes where you are - we haven't done one yet, but it looks like fun.