Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Birthday Paintball and Creme Brulee

So 15-year-old boys love paintball. And one girl joined us for Drew's birthday paintball party too!

Here's a little of the action. Drew didn't pass out this year like he did last time, but we almost had another one pass out afterwards - paintball is hot, even in November!

And his French class had a little party yesterday before the holiday break. Everyone had to sign up for a French dish, cook it themselves, and discuss the history of it while sharing it with the class. Drew knew that Dean has made creme brulee before, so of course he signed up for that. They spent all afternoon cooking (think 27 eggs and a run to Old Time Pottery for ramekins, not to mention the butane refill from Lowe's for torching).

Drew was very proud that everybody like his dish, and I was happy we got to use this nifty ice pack again (it's to wrap around your face after wisdom teeth removal...or to keep creme brulee cold, you know, whatever).

Oh, and did you come here to see what I was sewing? Well the paintball party was preceded by a spend-the-night, and of course my sewing room is the guest room, so I had to pack EVERYTHING up. You don't even want to leave a dressmaker's form in the room alone with teenage boys - yeesh.

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