Friday, November 4, 2011

Dating in the 21st Century

The first story is about kids these days and how different they are from when I was a kid. When I was in the 5th grade, the love of my life to that point (Scott Kenny for any locals) asked me to go with him. I told my mom in the car after school, and she was so excited that when we got home she told my grandmother.

Mom: "Guess what, Mother? Scott asked Lynn to go with him!"
Mamaw: "Well how nice! Where are they going?"

If you grew up in Sylacauga in the 70's, you knew what "going with" meant. And in 1977 it meant you swapped bracelets....leather bracelets that you stamped and painted with your name and design of your choosing. When you broke up, you had to give their bracelet back.

Flash to this past weekend. Dean notices that Drew has changed his Facebook status to "In a relationship." It doesn't say with whom, but one of Drew's very clever acquaintances has typed, "Congratulations! Who's the lucky fella?" Funny guy. We assume it's with his recent date to Homecoming, but I've asked him every day if he's talked to her and the answer is no, they don't have any classes together. So we ask him if she's aware of the new relationship. No, she's not! (This reminds me of when he was in the 3rd grade and said a girl was his girlfriend. I, being very clever, asked him if he was her boyfriend, and he said no.)

Anyway, we tell him that he should talk to the girl before posting stuff like that. But this being 2011 and not 1977, he texts her to see if it's okay if he changes his relationship status on FB. She texts back yes. He texts back that he already did it but wanted to make sure she was okay with it. She texts back that yes, it's fine with her.

Now what just happened here - does she know that he thinks they're going together? And she turned him down to go to the movies tonight (all by text of course), so apparently she's not changing HER relationship status!

(I'm fine with it, by the way. We're going to see Paranormal Activity 3 and I didn't want to have to sit by myself.)


Liba said...

pYrosiveOK - so did you know that Scott Kenney and his wife are in my sunday school class? Small world huh! So glad that we are not to this stage yet and dreading the day - your brother will not handle any of this stuff well!

Liba said...

strange that it printed the word verification with my comment!

Sister said...

Wow - I didn't know he lived there! I thought he was in Florida somewhere. Please tell them I said hi. I met his wife 2 reunions ago - she was very nice! We had a big laugh over the crush that went on from 1st to 5th grade. (I offered Mitzi Mallory an ice cream bar if she'd let me walk home with him in the first grade!)