Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stormy Sunday

Well, I didn't get the dress finished (yeah, like THAT was really gonna happen), but I did get the bodice underway. I had to hem up my shorts first and put a button closure so I could wear them today. Then I had to sew a patch on a Scout shirt. THEN I started cutting out Vogue 8379. I got the shoulder seams done and the ties basted on the front, but I really want to set the sleeves in flat and it tells you to do side seams and work on sleeve cuffs first. Then the power went out so that was the end of that. This is what I was working around before the power went out.

Jake is terrified of thunder and wanted to jump in my lap but had to settle for a head in my armpit while I sewed. Funny dog.

So did any of you set the sleeves in flat? Kid and Sue, I know you made this - if you happen to be reading, did you follow the instructions?

Oh, we also saw the comedian Brian Regan tonight for Dean's birthday. He's hilarious and he's also family-friendly, so take the kids. Here's a little clip of a bit that he did on request at the end. I've never seen a comedian come back and do an encore, and it was all requests. (That's also from Youtube, not my phone - I'm a rule follower, people!)


KID, MD said...

Instructions... Pah! No, I actually did follow them for this dress. I sewed it before I had any confidence in my ability and slavishly followed all instructions. Nowadays I'd sew them flat, although if I recall, there is a lot of ease in that cap, more than typical for Vogue. I'd probably wait on the cuffs until after the sleeves were in and side seams sewn, so that you could sew the cuff on in the round.

Junior said...

That's funny! He reminds me of Joe's former boss!