Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hey, I Got Something Done!

Well what a productive weekend! I got one lecture finished, got all the kids' school stuff completely done, and actually sewed up these shorts minus hemming and buttonhole.

I cut them out 2 weeks ago and forgot that I cut the pockets on the bias this time. I've been looking at RTW madras shorts and this seems be the way to go. (It's funny, since I started sewing a lot more I'm noticing more details about my patients' clothes - ooh, those jeans are topstitched with white thread! These pockets have zippers on the side!)

I even matched up the plaid in the back! That involved lots of cutting and turning and tweaking, but look what a nice chevron I have (Dean didn't get it when I pointed it out, he thought I was gesturing rudely).

Now I have decided to shorten these up.

But let's not go this high - this is getting cellulitic.

So I've thought about some things the past week. I tend to dress very mannishly, then I get all depressed that I don't have any sexy feminine clothes, so I'm going to try and do a dress next. I was thinking about this one, but if anybody has suggestions for something easy, feel free to chime in. I don't like ruffles or poofy sleeves or plunging necklines, so this seems to fit the bill, plus it's a hall of fame pattern at PR.

I got a striped knit for $1.99 to play with, but I'm a little worried about a knit over this derriere. There's always Spanx, but then it's still clingy, so do I need a lining? Bleh! So you ladies who sew knit dresses - do you line them or wear a slip or what?


marysews said...

I don't think the shortest version you show is short enough! Either you don't have thunder thighs or you hid them somewhere, because those shorts look great on you.

gwensews said...

Nice job on those shorts! They look terrific on you, and your plaid matching is perfect!

Pammie said...

I love love your shorts - and like, Marysews I definitely think shorter is better with those awesome legs of yours.

sewistafashionista said...

It may sound crazy but thinking about what to do with the knit - I don't know if you have enough extra material that will allow you to cut a yard or so and sarong it around yourself. Can you put on a slip, then wrap some of the material around you and have a little walk around in the house.

That way you can assess static cling and if the slip is hefty enough to hide panty lines. You will look a little funny, but it is in the privacy of your own home.

You could even put on some disco and see just HOW much movement it takes to build up static cling. Now that would really amuse my family if they weren't too busy joining in!

KID, MD said...

Great job on the shorts! Nice plaid matching!!
I LOVE that Vogue dress pattern. I made it before I knew anything about sewing and it still looks great. The skirt is pretty full, so I've never had a problem with cling or lines, but I made mine out of matte jersey, which is pretty beefy stuff. I loke sewistafashionista's idea to try your fabric out! Sounds like fun!

Sister said...

You chicks can sure make a girl feel good about her thighs - thanks!

Sewista, great suggestion about the knit test - you had me laughing out loud! If you saw the zipper dance with the Betzina jeans you know I'm not above dancing around to test some fabric.

Kid, I'll check your blog again - I think I remember reading about your dress and thinking it looked great. I'll check for some tips!

Sue said...

Cute shorts. That Vogue pattern is great. Check the length of the bodice though, as most people find they need to lengthen it a bit.

I only line a knit dress if the knit fabric is light weight and the pattern close-fitting. I have made this dress twice (once a muslin) and neither need a slip or lining.