Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Hear the Train A'Comin...

We avoided the pain and suffering of flying home and came back on the Amtrak! No security lines, no limits on what's in your carry-on, no rude stewardesses to deal with - pure bliss! Slow, plodding bliss, but bliss nevertheless.

We arrived at the station for our 11:55 PM departure (well, we really left at 1:30 AM, so don't take Amtrak if you've got a train to catch - oh! I haven't seen a pun here in a long time!), and we stood outside as the train approached because it was so exciting (Scott and Tracey: Daddy got it wrong with airports - we should've been at the train station). And look at the sweet girls with signs waiting on their grandmother! Oh, but wait, that train's comin' in hot - back up Lucas! Oh, that's a freight train, never mind.

It did arrive a little late, and they let us board about 10 minutes later.

We had a sleeper car, so Lucas demonstrates climbing to the top bunk with his luggage.

He also demonstrates the duct tape wallet that Drew gave him (that Drew spares no expense for his brother), and the harness that keeps you from falling out of your bunk in the event of a sudden stop - nice!

And here Drew demonstrates the recommended way to take a shower - sit on the toilet and hold the shower head in your hand. Right...let's just say if you weigh more than 90 pounds you will not enjoy this bathroom.

But the couches were comfortable for sleeping, the food was good, the staff was exceedingly friendly, and you can work or read or make silly videos while traveling home with no worries (don't worry about arriving on time either).

Amtrak - an experience of a lifetime - put it on your bucket list today!


Junior said...

Wonderful reporting!! LOVE the Superman video!!! Sounds like an awesome adventure!

Sister said...

It didn't turn out as good as I had hoped, but you get the idea.