Wednesday, August 18, 2010

iPhone Potpourri

Well this was going to be 2 cute things Lucas said, but my iPhone had pictures I meant to upload weeks ago! Let's get started:

I took the boys to Sunday school last week at the Baptist church for the first time (I was raised Presbyterian). When we met back at the car, Drew told me he had donuts and soda and played games the whole time...more like a get-to-know-you class I guess. Lucas was terribly depressed and said he was the only one who didn't bring a Bible, he couldn't find the stuff they were supposed to look up, and the teacher called on him twice but he didn't know the answer. (Now come on teachers out there, let's not embarrass the guest on his first visit! For all you know his parents are Vegans...uh, I mean Wiccans.) We got back home and I realized we needed bread, so I asked the boys if they needed anything from the store. Pitiful Lucas said, "You can get me a jar of happiness." Wowzers - I've traumatized the kid!

The second cute thing was that he had to take a sack of things that described him to share with his class. He put in a clay bear he made with the babysitter and said, "This shows my artism."

Now to the photos. Lucas asked if we could sew before bedtime tonight, then proceeded to lay out plans for shorts, a visor, and a bag. We had 10 minutes, so when he found out we only had time to lay out a pattern and cut fabric, he opted for slippers made on the fly from leftover teddy bear fur. He cut it up willy-nilly then wrapped it around his foot and said it was harder than it looked. We decided on 2 seams and we may attempt elastic later to hug his ankle. This is what you get in 10 minutes:

Drew got his braces off today - hooray and thank you, Jesus! No more wondering what that is stuck between his brackets and droning on about rubber bands and swishing with Act.

This is how pretty the waistband is on the Kwik Sew shorts. So much nicer than the New Look and Simplicity shorts!

When we were on vacation we ate at John Besh's restaurant at the D-Day Museum in New Orleans - it's themed to the years of WWII. Here's my tomato bisque and grilled cheese (with pesto dipping sauce, I guess).

And here's Lucas's mac & cheese in a metal lunchbox, complete with toy soldier. He kept the box and takes his snack in it. The only thing it lacks is Steve Austin's picture (wonder why haven't they remade the Six Million Dollar Man?).


Pammie said...

Wonderful shorts so far! Congrats on the braces:) Yeah!! D-day museum - fun - I've been but sad I didn't try that cool cafe.

Junior said...

Shorts look great, Drew's "new" smile is fabulous and LOVE the Lucas-isms. That boy cracks me up!