Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Couple of Reviews

Some holiday reads/views:
Avatar - FABULOUS! Go see this movie (just don't take kids who have not heard the S-word in your home yet, but of course ours have). The special effects just in the first 5 minutes blew me away. I also didn't know it was in 3-D, but they're decent glasses and the effect is incredible - the jungle looks miles deep. On the pro side, the story is good, it's cool that James Cameron brought Sigourney Weaver back from Aliens to be in another movie about aliens, and Giovanni Ribisi is one of my favorite actors. On the con side, why must Sigourney's avatar wear 70's athletic wear? She looks like Olivia Newton-John in the Let's Get Physical video or something. My main hang-up was a line near the end about how we killed our Mother - nothing green left on Earth. I looked in the credits for Al Gore's cameo but didn't see him. Another hang-up was all the G-D'ing - I was waiting for an F-bomb but there wasn't one. So why is McDonald's pairing up with this movie and giving out Happy Meal prizes of Avatars? This movie is not for little toddlers!

Julie and Julia - So dang funny! Just made me feel so good - Meryl Streep is amazing, and we all gasped in delight when we saw the tall chick from Glee come out as her sister - fantastic. They're looking at themselves in the mirror before a fancy party that they've both dressed up for, and Julia says to her sister something like, "Looking good....not great, but good!" It'll make you want a sister if you don't have one, and if you do have one it'll make you wish she lived in the same state, AHEM! The wedding scene where they're both dancing with their husbands and they reach out to hold hands made me get a little tear in my eye - shhh! On the Julie side, when she starts blogging it's right on the money. My only complaint was at the end when you read what happened to everybody, they say "Her book was made into a movie." Well, duh, and isn't that a little self-serving? My sister said it made her want to go in the kitchen and cook. It made me want to buy Julia Child's cookbook , till I actually read some of it in the bookstore - oh HELL no!

And now I embark on Under the Dome (is that the right name?), given to me by Drew, who knows his Momma loves her some Stephen King! That one's about 4000 pages, so don't hold your breath for the review.

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Junior said...

Great reviews! I enjoyed the 3D in Avatar also...great detail but I'm with you....a little too much with some of the curse words. Loved Julia & Julie! Perhaps y'all could relocate to wherever we'll end up moving ;)
Was disappointed before Avatar started though...there was a type of commercial with these stripper girls going to a bachelor party and at the end you find out the product the commercial is about is Axe (men's shampoo/bodywash). It was totally inappropriate and there were a lot of kids in there to see the movie. Boo Axe!