Monday, December 28, 2009

This is the note Lucas left for Santa - notice that he opted for the politically correct Happy Holiday instead of Merry Christmas...huh. Also, thanks a lot to all of you out there spoiling it for the rest of us with these damn elves (you know exactly who you are). All I've heard about is how EVERYBODY has an elf and they do such funny things. Like leaving underwear strewn all over a Christmas tree (I'm not naming names...) Or rolling a ceiling fan with toilet paper for Christmas morning. You get the picture.

I did have to break his heart and tell him that elves leave on Christmas so don't expect least for a year. There's no way I could do an elf; you may remember from previous posts that I forget the dang Tooth Fairy stuff sometimes. I guess if he does ever get one it'll be the laziest elf ever seen!


Jester said...

Damn you.....that boy needs an ELF!!!!!!!!!
How can he have a good Christmas without an ELF?????

Sister said...

Believe me, an Elf would not make for a good Christmas - it wouldn't do anything!