Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh, you want a PICTURE?

Well, I didn't have time to get a fancy outfit on, but I'm rocking a homemade vest from 1992 and the figure-enhancing Mom jeans (that's the name, really) I bought last year - what the hell was I thinking? They're built to squeeze in your middle-aged gut and lift up your sagging butt (I think I just wrote a jingle!), but they look like my Mom's Lee jeans from the 80's - wouldn't you agree, Mother?

I'll get a snazzier picture of the boots up later. This is my white-trash representation.


Junior said...

two things come to mind with this picture:

2)Truckin' Three reunion concert
is coming!

Sister said...

Now you get some black boots too, and we'll be set. Hey, wasn't I wearing the white go-go boots in that video? I WAS!!! Who's got that video?

Junior said...

I have a snippet of it somewhere but it didn't record the whole thing. I think Scott was trying to put the two videos together & it only worked briefly. Mercy Sakes Alive!

Shirley said...

Viviendo a vida loca is part my life too.

I love feel your energy from the picture you posted.
You like a lot of fun.
You should try on a pair of Notice Me Jeans.
They also lift the butt. The styles are very unique.
Check out the site.

Sister said...

Wow - I did check out the site - those are some sexy jeans! I wouldn't be able to pull it off at this age, but more power to you!