Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm Feeling a Little Sicky-Poo

"Sicky-poo" came from the brilliant "Murder by Death" which was a TV movie spoofing murder mysteries in the 1980's. Peter Sellers starred with David Niven and the red-headed lady who pushed the "quicker-picker-upper" and a bunch of other famous people back then, and they played famous detective duos that come together at a mansion for a party, then have to solve a murder. Truman Capote also starred as the host who's supposedly murdered at his own party. They're all attacked eventually, and the 2 English ladies are in a room filled with poison gas, but they survive because the old chick in the wheelchair who's hard of hearing breathed all the gas while the other one covered her face. She says she's "sicky-poo" as they're on their way to the hospital. It's really funny - you should rent it!

So I'm sicky-poo with a terrible sinus infection (it's NOT the flu....I don't think...) but still had to work, and Scott took issue with that. He thinks I'm terrible for spreading my germs (I follow a strict hand-washing and sanitizing procedure before every patient and have not coughed or sneezed in a room once!) but I countered that if I cancelled they would have to be re-scheduled for next week or go to the ER. I reminded him that Dr. Gray worked through the flu at least one time that I could remember.

He said, "Well I recall another doctor who was a little older. He may have been before your time. I believe his name was Hippocrates, and he said, 'First, do no harm.'" I was very impressed that Scott knew some medical history, but I countered with the fact that I also knew an old doctor named Kervorkian, who had a little different policy.

I don't know who won that argument, but I admitted 2 patients to the hospital today and set another one up for surgery at the big university hospital up north, so maybe I WAS needed after all; you make the call. (And if you caught a cold from me, I'm REALLY sorry!)


Junior said...

golly pete, we just watched that movie the other day! What a classic!

Sister said...

What - was it on TV or you have a DVD?

Junior said...

We rented it from netflix