Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Precious Angels Singing....and Stretching

I can't make it to the actual performance so I went to the dress rehearsal (because I really am a good mother - really), and here's a little sample. I have another clip where he actually smiles at me, but then I apparently develop Parkinson's and it is nausea-inducing for the viewer, so we'll skip that. The great thing about this clip is the kids on either side of him. Who thinks it's a good idea for first graders to stand in hot choir robes for 30 minutes singing song after song? I honestly thought the little girl next to him was fixing to faint at one point.

I think we should get back to the cheesy little plays we used to do. Like in the 5th grade when the "chorus" (i.e. kids like me who weren't cute enough to get a speaking part) had to pass around a plate of cookies and say in unison, "Thank you, Mrs. Claus." Except we were all too shy to actually say it, so the plate just kept getting passed around till the teacher said it for us.

Or in the 6th grade when I actually did get a speaking part as Anne from England where I had to describe the Christmas tree being kept in the bathtub and presents being left in our shoes, and Daddy tried to bribe me to say, "and we have a BLOODY good Christmas!" Mother took me aside and told me that would be cursing, so I better not do it. Another early opportunity at comedy missed....


Junior said...

Lucas looks like he's turned side ways looking at that little girl...maybe he was keeping an eye on her in case she did pass out.

Sister said...

They were promised candy for the best child in each class who was still and watched the music teacher, so he turned sideways and never moved an inch. Then the teachers decided all the kids should get candy. So much for trying to behave!

Momma said...

Well, I went to the actual performance and it was great. He was cute as a button and did spot me and Mr. Jim while they were singing. So we got a huge smile when they paraded out. Jim got a cute pic. Will try to upload and sent to you Sister.

Only 4 more days!!!!!!!!!!!