Sunday, January 31, 2016

Third Annual GCGSW

It's officially a wrap; we had another great Gulf Coast Girls' Sewing Weekend! We added yet another sewist, Nancy, who was previously a costumer with a background in fashion design, though she actually taught finance using her doctorate in Economics (correct me if I'm wrong, there, Nancy), so that does bring the tally to 2 engineers and 4 doctors - what a crew! Here's Nancy consulting with Robbie on a sewing issue.

And here's Yaffa cutting out a Mozart-style coat from upholstery material. She's the grand prize winner again this year, because she had to cut and tape those pattern pieces together from a computer printout before even getting to this stage. Hope your back's okay, Yaffa!

Here's the whole crew before Katrina had to leave for her Mardi Gras ball. (Note to self: no more GCGSW's during Mardi Gras season!)

And here's some of the output: Nancy introduced us to Kanzashi, which is fashioning flowers from fabric, and involved a little bit of hand-sewing and a little bit of burning the edges with a candle - cool!

This is Yaffa's Mozart jacket with gold braid and lacy cuffs...

and check out that collar - fancy!

Becky cranked out a Hot Patterns top before whipping up these flannel pajama pants...for her son, not her!

And I didn't get a shot of Katrina's shoe bag or Robbie's Betzina Vogue skinny pants, but needless to say, everyone was remarkably productive, given that we started Saturday off with pina coladas and ended it pomegranate-blackberry cocktails! I even made progress on my mesh knitted sweater, since my sewing mojo was lagging.

Lastly, I'll leave you with the very rare "Super Blood Moon" which God graced me with Friday night while I was unsuspectingly sitting on the porch. At first I thought the orange glow over the trees was from the Mexican restaurant, but it kept getting higher in the sky, then I realized it was the moon, and check out the reflection in the water, too. Never a good camera around when you need one.....

Thank you ladies so much for the awesome weekend!


Junior said...

Y'all got a lot done! Beautiful moon picture!

BeckyW said...

Thank you so much for the invite. You are a fabulous hostess as always! It was so much fun to be around such a group of creative women.

Anonymous said...

Had so much fun!!!


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Me too - we'll do it again!