Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tiny Bit of Mardi Gras and Tiny Running Shorts

Not many pics this year, because I was mostly supervising college freshmen. Drew and his friends drove down Friday after classes and stayed at home one night before heading to NOLA Saturday AM, so of course I stayed home too, instead of spending Friday dancing at Lafitte's, which is my Mardi Gras home away from home. After feeding them some lunch and sending them off into the French Quarter, though, I did head to Lafitte's to make some friends. This is the Queen Mother and her guards.

Here's the final Saturday afternoon line dance in the street, and the funny thing is that I talked to half the people in the picture at some point or another, including the kid in the hoodie, who's Drew. Yes, he actually brought his girlfriend up to Lafitte's to join in the dancing with me - maybe I'm a little cool after all!

On to the Jalie Cora running shorts....which are decidely uncool per Lucas. He was completely correct that they are way too tight, despite the fact that I went up a size. I think the problem is that the Dri-fit has less stretch than my previous fabric.

Dean thinks the pink accents make me look like I'm trying out for a girls' dance team. This is actually the same pink fabric I used in my one-piece swimsuit a few months back.

I went ahead and wore them for a 20-minute run and had no problems and no burst seams, even though I heard about 30 stitches pop when I put them on. Hey Tracey, what's your hip measurement now? If it's less than 40 inches you can have these!

So I have plenty of Dri-fit fabric left for longer running tights, and maybe I'll try to find a more subtle print for the waistband, calves, and pocket, because solid gray is just too boring for me. I may have to buy another pattern, though, because I cut this one originally for the smaller size, then added tissue paper to make this larger size, which is STILL too small....mabe there's something to this tracing of patterns after all!


BeckyW said...

What a cool idea to make running shorts. I like the effect of the different waistband and leg cuff. I wouldn't buy another pattern. I do the "slash and spread method" like shown here:
I do that on the front pattern piece and then again on the back pattern piece. Don't forget that whatever you add will be added to the diameter of the whole short by factor of four, since you'll be adding it to both front pieces and both back pieces. Adding just a quarter-inch to each piece adds a full inch the short. Don't forget to add the same amount for the legband and the waistband.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thanks for the link, Becky! I'm nervous about these because there's an inner leg, outer front leg, and outer back leg, but I think I can work it out....

Junior said...

Those are cute! I'll have to measure and see.

Anonymous said...

Those are cute. I don't care what Dean says ;)


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thanks, Robbie! I'm wearing them - they're REALLY tight....I'm waiting to get a clot or something, or maybe they'll prevent me from having a clot - not sure. Next pair will definitely be bigger.