Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saved by Dr. Homemaker!

Whew! Shout out to Susie Homemaker, MD, who resuscitated my binding stat! She emailed me a link to a great Threads video tutorial on applying knit bindings. It was stuff I vaguely remembered doing before, but it laid it out in easy steps and was a piece of cake. I'd repost it, but I don't want to pirate somebody's intellectual material if it's only for subscribers. We'll proceed with a slide show of some different pants pairings.

My only problem was I cut the binding with the grain to get the border I wanted, and we know the stretch was cross grain, so I couldn't stretch this nicely to get rid of gappage.

It did stretch a smidge, though, so is definitely better than yesterday.

You know I had to try the purple suede heels!

I like this the best. This is a Front Door Fashion tucking tip - just the front!

Okay, have a great weekend. If you get bored and want to see something cool, Google Mobile Fashion Week, Helen Legg (sorry I can't get a hyperlink to work on the iPad). Here's a sample of her work posted on, and you can even go vote for her - they're choosing 2 of 3 girls to compete, and her work seems the most creative, though I also like the other girl's vintage halter dress with red sash....


BeckyW said...

I love your shirt. You've achieved a great fit and I'm crazy about the fabric. I had no clue that Mobile even had a Fashion Week! Very cool. I did vote. I'll have to try to come in September.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

I didn't know either, Becky, but it looked pretty impressive. This girl is a student of Dianne from the Sandra Betzina classes, if you remember her.

Sheila said...

Love the print and the purple shoes.... looooooove.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thanks Sheila - we do both love pointy heels!