Thursday, May 28, 2015

Half-hearted Sewing

Well, I tried to finish the Japanese AC shirt. I took it up to the machine and serged all the seams instead of flat-felling them so I'd have a little extra security...not that my serging's secure at all, as evidenced by the seams FALLING OUT of that blue Mardi Gras dress last year. Anyway, I cut the blue border strip and pressed in half to make the neckline binding, which I thought I remembered how to do on the machine. This is an overall picture with the binding basted on. I cut this version a little bigger than the Gator shirt since it's for work and not as stretchy.

I'm still in love with the fit, though I did cut the neckline down so it wouldn't choke me, and I like the sleeves with the border, but note how the neck binding stands out away from per my usual, of course.

I didn't quite get the white stripe on the binding out of the way, since I couldn't see that side as I was basting - bleh.

And I was in AC mode, where you just overlap the ends of the binding and stitch them down, no big deal, but DUH! I believe on machine-sewn shirts this requires some type of mitering, or sewing ends together before applying - arghhhhh!!! I'm just so disgusted with myself now. I shall henceforth be known as Dr. Fun, Special Needs Sewist. I couldn't face any more failure and suddenly became very sleepy, so I'm just dropping it for now and we'll see what happens tomorrow. Perhaps I'll sew an AC cretin stitch in regular matching blue thread around that binding to make it lay exactly how I like. Or maybe I'll look up a tutorial on applying neck bindings.

If you're a sewer, you can click away from this train wreck now. I just wanted to save this cool pic for posterity. We were piled up on the couch watching TV last night and Dean snapped a pic of 2 feet. They're the same size, but one's been around 12 years, and the other for 47 years - what a difference 35 years makes! I bet somebody'll offer Botox and dermabrasion for your foot one day, at the rate we're going now. Which reminds me, has anyone watched Botched? We caught an episode the other night - forgot what channel - and just EWWW! But how sad that somebody feels that badly about themselves to go through something like that. Just heartbreaking to see how messed up things can get...kinda like that neck binding.

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