Wednesday, May 27, 2015

An AC Shirt out of Nonregulation Fabric?

So here's how the Gator shirt turned out with the neckline bound. Drew says it looks weird. I think it looks like a coed picked up a school shirt and bedazzled it to reflect her own unique personality.

Or it was sold in a boutique specializing in upscale school shirts.

But here's the big dilemma. This is fabulous Japanese knit fabric, which looks upscale and resistant to bedazzling. See the clever thing I did with the sleeve? That border was going to be the hem of the shirt, till I realized the stretch went in the other direction, so I made it be sleeve borders. Brilliant!

But the trouble is that if I flat-fell the seams, the thread will show, and it'll look weird. I tried stitching a second line along the first line to secure the seam, but you can still see the stitches.

Not terribly professional looking...I'm thinking of taking it to the machine and treating it like a regularly-sewn shirt, down to the neck binding. The only other way to handle it is to find matching thread that won't be so noticeable, but that would be impossible with button craft thread, I'm afraid. What are your suggestions? Hey - I even had the idea of outlining some of the geometric shapes with embroidery, but it's just really wrong for this fabric, I think. Maybe on a more playful fabric...that I didn't buy in Japan!

In other news, I have to participate in a Jeopardy style game of attendings vs residents next week, and we have to dress up with a team name and music. The Avengers movie seems popular right now, so I suggested we be....the Attenders - get it? The other lady agreed to get a Black Widow costume (she's younger, skinnier, and should be able to pull off leather pants in a professional manner), and the guy is getting an Ironman costume. Should be entertaining....

especially if I leave this costume as is! Who do they think would wear this without lengthening this skirt? I'm headed to JoAnn for blue taffeta so as not to reveal my assets when I sit down!

Have a great week!


Sheila said...

Love the costume.. giggling at fearful of revealing Your assests. Just put spandex shorts underneath. ..

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Duh - that's a much better idea! Plus Joann didn't have fabric to match anyway. Off to Academy Sports....