Monday, March 9, 2015

Tough Mudder 2015

Drew's just an exact replica of Dean minus 30 years.

This was in the warm-up area before they got the pep talk. First they did some jumping jacks:

then they did some stretching while being warned about obstacles to avoid depending on your medical issues. Very reassuring!

These ladies in St. Patrick's Day attire actually handed out beads to kids in the crowd - cute!

Had to crawl through a little cold mud to start off.

Then after 3.8 miles and a few more obstacles we couldn't see, the Arctic Enema - this is full of ice water, and it's about 50 degrees outside.

So they didn't die of hypothermia, and it was another 3 miles or so, some more obstacles, and then Everest:

followed by another mile, then a tent full of tear gas called Cry Baby:

And after the Mud Mile, which I didn't get to, there's Rope Something-or-other, followed by Pole Dancer.

After this was a short jog to King of Swingers, where you have to leap off and grab the T-bar, and attempt to ring a bell before plunging into 12-foot deep muddy water. Drew would be the one in the center leaping off with one leg - and he was the only one to ring the bell!

I believe Dean is the second from the left, and he doesn't quite make it.

Finally, here's Electroshock Therapy, with 10,000 volts randomly distributed in these wires I believe. Drew took a buzz to the top of the head that went down his neck and gave him a headache for a couple of hours.

How nice to finish 11.3 miles and tons of obstacles after 5.5 hours with a big smile on your face!

Lucas and I logged 7.8 miles of walking on spectator paths, and I hit over 15,000 steps on my Fitbit, so we weren't TOTAL slugs - ha! What did YOU do that was tough this weekend?


Anonymous said...

I think it is so neat that Drew and Dean enjoy doing this together! I didn't do anything particularly difficult this weekend, except NOT say "I told you so" to you know who. And last week I did 6 hours of water aerobics. Already have 2 clocked this week. Only planning to do one today.


BeckyW said...

I got nothing!!!

Impressive!! Sam used to do 5Ks and run cross country and track. The teen age lazies have hit him hard. I think he would probably do some obstacle type course like this with his dad. It would probably kill Bart though. Neither would make it that far.

Junior said...

They are some Tough Muthas!!!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Woohoo on the water aerobics, Robbie! (And controlling one's mouth is always good exercise - which I don't do too frequently.)

Becky - they've been training for this for several months or they wouldn't have been able to finish either...and Drew was a complete couch potato until this past year, so there's hope yet!

Junior - let's watch that language now!