Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jake Does Pilates

This was around Christmas, but Lucas just shared it with me. I was doing a Pilates video on Comcast when Jake came and plopped down. He usually does this move of scratching his back in the yard....or maybe he really was trying to do some Pilates!

No other news to report, other than the fact that I finally accepted yarn defeat and restarted the Stella pullover, with Lucas's help to be sure I didn't twist the yarn at my join. Oh yeah, and I ran 3.25 miles the other day with Dean in preparation for the AZALEA TRAIL RUN!!!! Yes, I'm running a 10K - you know once you get a 5K under your belt, you just keep climbing that ladder. I imagine a half-marathon will be in the works in a couple of months - ha! (And no, I didn't just run 3.25 miles and call 'er done - I've been running 3-4 times a week, plus yoga.) Okay, you go have an ACTIVE fun day!

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Junior said...

Jake is a pilates master!